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Printer Repair Depot was established in 1996 with a simple concept in mind: provide the best San Diego printer repair service available at an affordable price.


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Roomba Repair Service
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At least once a year or every 30 uses, we suggest that you have your Roomba professionally cleaned. For just $65-$100 we will take apart your Roomba Vacuum remove all the particles and debris to get it (almost) as clean as the day you bought it using a high powered air compressor and a variety of special debris removal tools. Hair and dust will be removed from the Roomba Cliff Sensor, the Roomba Wheels, the Roomba Optical Sensors, and the filter will be either replaced or cleaned. We also offer Roomba vacuum cleaning and repair services to resolve issues such as battery rejunvination, Roomba replacement parts, and battery replacement. Our typical price range for Roomba Vacuum repair $65 to $100. We will move forward with the repair without any further authorization or communication if the problem can be fixed for $65 or less, for repairs over $100 we will call you to make sure you would still like the repairs done. Please drop off your Roomba with the understanding that it will be fixed automatically if the repairs required are $65 or less.

Scooba problems we can fix for a Scooba floor washing robot:

- Scooba does not put out water - Scooba does not vacuum or pick up water - Check Tank light keeps coming on - Scooba battery will not charge - Scooba will not turn on or is not cleaning well - Brushes not spinning, turning slowly or making noises and more!

All repairs come with: Free inspection and diagnostics!
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For over 25 years, people have depended on Printer Repair Depot to keep their home and office equipment running with professional, prompt, and reliable service. We provide on-site repair and maintenance services for most printers, plotters, copiers, fax machines, point-of-sale, and multi-function printers.